Gold & Silver Bullion

Responsible Sourcing lays the foundation to how

Royal Ghana Gold introduces ethics at the very onset of its refining business. Our Due Diligence at the procurement level, and beyond, ensures all legal compliances are followed, lending credibility to our line of business.

Its essential for all sourcing at Royal Ghana Gold

refinery to clear KYC and supply chain due diligence practices recommended for International Bullion Centers (IBCs) by the independent authority for precious metals, LBMA. As part of the Bullion ecosystem, we adopt and support global responsible gold supply chains.

We make every effort, and leave no stone

unturned, with a clear objective of rendering transparency to a legal and ethical framework, devoid of any criminal activity or human rights violations. Our compliance-checks, both routine and out-of-turn, help us keep an active eye on any potential risks at any stage, and take proactive actions compliant with the policies.

We are committed to conduct business to the

highest standard and ensure all precious metals come from legitimate and ethical sources. We follow the five-step due diligence framework laid out by the OECD Guidance in our conscious efforts to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and human rights abuse.