Health & Safety

The nature of our work puts our people's Health

and Safety as a prime focus for us. Royal Ghana Gold ensures Health & Safety measure are implemented at all levels of operations. In order to bring this to effect necessary communications to raise awareness and coach the people on safety measures are an integral part of our Processes.

Additionally, safety experts, most of whom have

background, conduct regular audits and inspections of Assay laboratories, Refineries, Boilers, etc. to ensure equipment safety. Any equipment found in breach of risk-review is replaced, or repaired, as the case maybe. Necessary provisions in terms of resources, processes, standards and procedures are made to ensure an effective and efficient safe work environment.

The smelting and refining industry has a higher

rate of injuries than most other industries. Provisions for safety trainings, first-aid medical kits, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) (e.g., hard hats, safety shoes, work gloves and protective clothing); housekeeping and equipment maintenance have been made to ensure that Gold refining process is a risk free work for our personnel.

We take our employees’ welfare seriously and

have set up schemes to ensure they feel supported and encouraged to take care of themselves. Each year we carry out a review of legislation and standards to ensure that our health and safety requirements remain at the highest level.