Gold & Silver Bullion

Being ISO 17034:2016 certified, among other

certifications, Royal Ghana Gold Limited offers products and services in Gold and Silver Refining and Manufacturing. With a refining capacity of 400-kg per day, Royal Ghana Gold strives to maintain the leadership spot in the Ghana's Gold refining offering.

Taking inspiration from LBMA, we strives to offer

999.5% - 999.9% purity levels in varying denominations of Gold Bars, Silver Bars, and Minted Products including Coins.

The refinery is duly equipped to manage massive

lots of raw gold and Dore bars, and qualifies to manage quality checks of highest order at every stage. The short turnaround time and competitive premium continue to set us apart in the refining community.

Cast Bars

Royal Ghana Gold Ltd. offers gold and silver bullions in varying denominations adhering to LBMA-standards. We provide full range of bespoke Gold and Silver bars that our clients can order specific to their preferences and requirements. Our current offerings include 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 12.5 kg molds.

Minted Product


As part of our ever evolving product catalogue to suit our esteemed clients, Royal Ghana Gold plans to expand its offerings to Minted Cast Bars, Ingots, and Coins in near future.