Ghana Gold Refinery

Found in 2018, Royal Ghana Gold Limited (RGG) in a joint-venture with

PMMC (Government of Ghana) commences operations of the state-of-art Gold refinery in Accra (Ghana) to produce Gold Bullion bars. Launching the ‘first ever’ Public-Private Partnership in Gold refining ecosystem globally, RGG finds approval and support by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ghana.

RGG refinery comes with the latest high-end technology in line to offer the

world bullion market the LBMA-standard gold and silver bullion. With an array of custom-made products and service portfolio to choose from, RGG stands tall with its state-of-art precious metal refinery, offering its customers a world-class facility to bank upon.

Upholding its commitment towards the people of Ghana, RGG refinery has

opened its doors to the small and medium gold miners to get their Dore bars or raw gold extracts tested at its Assay Laboratory, fitted with the world-class equipment from Thermo Fischer (Switzerland). Basis the purity report the miners in turn have the option to sell directly to the RGG refinery with 100% transparency.

Effectively aligning our policy framework with good governance, Royal

Ghana Gold ensures full accountability at every step of its precious metal refining operations. Deployment of various Risk Management Systems controls the internal affairs of the organsation. The Ethics and Code of Conduct lay the very foundation for RGG's functions and commitment to a credible work environment.

Due Diligence

Our ever-conscious and committed policies ensure our distance from any money laundering activities. We do not, under any circumstances, support any business related or connected to criminal activities, or which could finance criminal or terrorist activity anywhere in the world.

Taking cue from the encouraging recommendations from LBMA, Royal

Ghana Gold practices the following to mark its contribution to the Global Bullion ecosystem and put together a robust system in place

  1. Effectively scrutinize and verify local and regional supply chains;
  2. Effectively regularize local and regional supply chains;
  3. Effectively enforce powers;
  4. Effectively co-operate with local, regional and international organizations.

Business Principles

Our Mission

Adding-Value Ghan’s Wealth

With our foremost endeavor to serve Ghana and its people with pride and integrity, Royal Ghana Gold Ltd. (RGG) is committed to empowering the regional mining community and strongly support Ghana’s economy.

The gold bullion reserves aim to strongly support the Bank of Ghana

(Central Bank), while stabilizing the exchange rates and lending support to the Ghana Cedi.

With the highest caliber products and service portfolio, RGG aspires to offer

credible & LBMA-standard gold & silver to the world bullion market of buyers, partners and government agencies across geographical locations.

Our mission is to provide world-class services

in the precious metal industry and become a globally acclaimed supplier of refined metals.